Fate of the World currently contains 13 achievements, unlocked by completing various gameplay feats. Other than filling up the achievements window, there is no additional bonus for gaining them, though the mission completion achievement goals (for example beating the Rise of Africa) will also unlock the subsequent mission.

Be aware that achievements are not stable in the current release, and even completing the achievement criteria may not award the achievement if you're unlucky.

Mission AchievementsEdit

Africa RebornEdit

Beat the Rise of Africa mission!

Full TankEdit

Beat the Fuel Crisis mission!

Is That a Cool Breeze?Edit

Beat the Three Degrees mission!

The Doctor is in the HouseEdit

Beat the Dr Apocalypse mission! in your handsEdit

Won with lowest HDI 0.85 and a population of 5 billion, or better.

Progressive AchievementsEdit

Step ForwardsEdit

Improved life expectancy by ten years throughout Africa.

Hand of YouEdit

Got warming down to zero degrees above pre-industrial.

The Tax ManEdit

Levied the Tobin Tax in all twelve regions.


Spammed the Earth with twelve billion people.

Regressive AchievementsEdit

Is there anybody out there?Edit

Quashed the Earth's population to fewer than 100 million.


Drowned the Earth under four metres of sea rise.


Polish off all the landmark animal species.


Win Dr. Apocalypse with 6 degrees of warming.