Agriculture is the least advanced economic sector in Fate of the World, and creates the lowest amount of wealth per worker.

However, it is in many ways the most important sector, as without a large enough food supply, the region will starve.

Key Issues facing the Agricultural Sector are:

  • Reliace on fossil fuels for efficent production
  • Damages caused from Agricultural expansions
  • Degredation of Arable land and Water shortages

At the beginning of the game it is a staple of third world regions such as North and South Africa, and economic advancement potentially lead to reduced Agricultural output. In highly advanced regions, food will often be imported from abroad rather than grown locally, leading to low Food/capita and reliace on other Regions food supplies.

Agriculture benefits from projects such as Forest and Land protection, which ensures soil quality remains sustainable. The Agricultural sector can also be affected by cards like Vegetarian Revolution, which reduces the inefficiency, and therefore emissions, of the sector.