Austerity Protests are random events that occur when a Region have low Contentment, and is also influenced by having a consumerist Outlook. It negatively affects Support and Stability.

Austerity protesters want the GEO to improve local living conditions in the area, claiming that the only reason the GEO is not doing so is because they are not willing or able to spend the funds necessary to fund programs that will improve their lives (hence the so-called "austerity"). The protesters seem to suggest that GEO should not cut back on these programs but instead "spread the wealth".

In traditionaly wealthy nations, such as North America and Europe, austerity protests are especially common due to a high HDI expectancy, reaching unsustainable levels such as 0.95 (out of 1) in some regions. As well as raising awareness of the GEO mission, protests in these regions can be combated by introducing the New Green Deal, which resets the HDI expectancy of all regions to 0.80.

Austerity protests can either turn peaceful or violent (the lower the Contentment, the more violent the protests). The more violent the protests, the more Support and Stability the region will lose.

The flip-side of austerity protests are globalization protests.