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1.0 Scenarios[]

1.1 The RIse of Africa[]

This scenario is the first, shortest, and easiest of all four scenarios. The goal of this one is to Raise the HDI (Human Development Index) of North and South Africa to 0.7 or higher by 2045. You will lose this scenario if you fail to bring North and South Africa's HDI up to 0.7 or higher, or if GEO is banned from either region. This scenario has four bonus objectives.

1.2 Oil Fix It[]

This scenario is the second of the first four scenarios. The goal of this one is to use the world's natural resources to raise the HDI (Human Development Index) in all regions above 0.7 by 2085. You will lose this scenario if in 2085 any region has an HDI below 0.7, or if you're kicked out of 8 or more regions.

The key to this scenario lies in the title. Traditional gameplay, where one attempts to control carbon emissions and improve the health and education of the poorer regions from the start, will often end in failure, typically with the HDI of India and/or China dropping below 0.7.

Instead, while the health and education of the poorer regions is important, developing the world's fossil fuel resources (Via expand Coal/Oil/Gas) is very important. This keeps the price of energy cheaper, allowing for India and China to grow economically, boosting their GDP and their HDI. It also helps to avoid the resource shortages from 2060-2080 that cripple economies, resulting in HDI drops and Global economic panics.

Since the main object of the mission is to raise poor regions' HDI, your primary targets for development should be India and Africa. While the latter is fairly easy and requires mostly improving education and healthcare to reach the 0.7 mark, India is quite troublesome with high instability, overpopulation and agricultural pollution — all of which should be dealt with as soon as possible: instability with grey cards, overpopulation with One-Child Policy (though univerally unpopular it is crucial to enact this policy on turn 2) and pollution by reorienting the community to at least the 'Communal' level and implementing the Vegetarian Revolution and Green Farming. Unless these are resolved, India will be very unlikely to substantially increase its HDI.

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