An unsatisfied populace make things difficult for everyone.

Contentment is one of the four Regional Attitudes. It represents how happy the region's population is and is modified by many factors, including the region's HDI and recent events.

A region's contentment is separate from its support; it's possible for an unhappy region to support GEO while a happy region might not.

There are eleven states of contentment.

Contentment Contentment Value
Ecstatic 13 or more
Joyous 10 to 12
Happy 7 to 9
Pleased 4 to 6
Content 1 to 3
Satisfied 0
Concerned -1 to -3
Displeased -4 to -6
Troubled -7 to -9
Angry -10 to -12
Outraged -13 or less

If a Region has a Negative Contentment, then they are more prone to Protests and Riots. While the contentment of a Region has no direct impact on Support, protests will hurt the GEO and if the Contentment continues to fall, so too do the severity of the protest.

While there's no direct way of changing a region's contentment, any improvements (or diminishments) of the quality of life in the region will be reflected in the region's contentment. A region's Outlook determines what makes its population satisfied. Consumerist regions want high HDIs, higher GDPs, less unemployment, and as little (negative or restrictive) GEO interference in business and industry as possible. Green regions want lower emissions (both globally and locally) and want to live less demanding lives. This makes green regions much easier to keep happy than consumerists ones, who will always want more.