The Development Level determines the progress a region makes in terms of economic growth, as well as the effects certain events or cards have in that region. There are 4 levels in the game. They are not visible for the player. They will increase or decrease over the course of a game. It is unknown how they are determined, but their effect is known and they can be made visible in the game with modding.

The Development Levels Edit

Development Level 1 Edit

The region is under-developed. It develops rapidly, with focus on Agriculture advancements.

Southern Africa and India start at this level.

Development Level 2 Edit

The region is somewhat developed. It develops moderately, with focus on Industry advancements.

Latin America, Northern Africa, Middle East, China and South Asia start at this level.

Development Level 3 Edit

The region is well developed. It develops slowly, with focus on Commerce advancements.

Europe and Russia start at this level.

Development Level 4 Edit

The region is fully developed. It basically stagnates in terms of economic advancements.

Northern America, Oceania and Japan start at this level.

Basic Stats Edit

Every turn the region will make these economic advancements depending on the Development Level:

Level 1 2 3 4
Agriculture Work per Worker +1 +0.33 +0.1 0.1
Industry Work per Worker +0.5 +1 +0.25 0.1
Commerce Work per Worker +0.25 +0.33 +0.5 0.1
Agriculture Size Growth +8% +3% +1.5% +0.075%
Industry Size Growth +5% +3% +1.5% +0.075%
Commerce Size Growth +5% +3% +1.5% +0.075%

For detailed information on Work per Worker (Capital Index per Worker) and Size (Max Capital Index) see Capital Index.

Custom Effects of Cards and Events Edit

Cap & Trade Edit