Dash for Coal in Germany
In Fate of the World, "emissions" refers to the creation of greenhouse gases--gases that allow the atmosphere to "trap" heat and keep the planet warm even when not fully exposed to the sun. While some greenhouse gases are needed, an excessive amount will trap too much heat and cause global warming, which is why keeping the number of emissions down is vitally important to keeping Earth, and humanity, stable.

Human SourcesEdit

As humanity has expanded, it has also caused a significant increase in the amount of pollutants in the enviroment. Air Pollution is the most common and wide-spread type of pollution and is the primary cause of Global Warming and declining air quality.

  • Most Energy powerplants produce varying amounts of emissions with Coal being the worst followed by Oil, Biomass, then Gas. Energy generation is typically the cause of most air pollution world-wide.
  • Transportation also generates emissions depending on the population, GDP, transport stress, etc. As undeveloped Regions modernize, the greater their transport needs and thus their emissions.
  • Economic Sectors also pollute, particularly Industry. Each sector has an inherent pollution factor to it and as it is expanded, it will inevitable pollute more. Industry pollutes worst, then Commercial, with Agriculture causeing minimal direct pollution.
  • Deforestation causes a serious problem: a decrease in the amount of natural Emission absorbers which are time consuming to replace and can devastate a Regional ecosystem. Usually not a problem except in undeveloped regions or in ones where Agriculture is rapidly expanding.


Rising emissions lead to increasing global temperature change which cause an increase in storms, droughts and Tipping Point events, like the Greenland Icesheet melting. Emissions are notoriously hard to reverse once in the atmosphere and are harder still to keep low after the Tipping Point events.

  • The first and foremost effect of Emissions are an increase in Temperature which will cause an increase in disasters worldwide. Unless halted, the disasters will only become more frequent and more devastating.
  • Regional Emissions lower air quality and cause a significant increase in Sickness and lowered Support.