Outlook is one of the four Regional Attitudes. It represents the region's global awareness and attitude towards environmentalism at large.

There are eleven different outlooks; five 'green,' five 'consumerist,' and a state of balance between the two.

Outlook Outlook Value
Eco-Fanatic (+5) 13+
Dark Green (+4) 10-12
Green (+3) 7-9
Altruistic (+2) 4-6
Communal (+1) 1-3
Balanced (0) 0
Materialist (-1) -1 to -3
Consumerist (-2) -4 to -6
Skeptic (-3) -7 to -9
Denialist (-4) -10 to -12
Hedonist (-5) -13 or lower

The titles of these outlooks are only for the player to see. The game's mechanics only use 7 outlooks.

Outlook Outlook Value
Eco-Fanatic 11 or more
Dark Green 6-10
Green 1-5
Balanced 0
Consumerist -1 to -5
Sceptic -6 to -10
Denialist -11 or less

At the start of the game, most regions will have an outlook between balanced and consumerist. A region's outlook can be raised or lowered over time by playing the 'Eco-Awareness Campaign' (+2 outlook per turn) and 'Encourage Consumption' (-2 outlook per turn) cards respectively. A region's outlook can also be improved dramatically by playing the 'Regime Change' card, which sets its outlook to 5.

Green OutlooksEdit

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  • Lower Emissions locally and globally
  • Non-toxic Enviroment
  • Good Healthcare

Green regions have eco-conscious and global-minded populaces who reject "bigger is better" attitudes. Although a green region may not necessarily be poor or backwards (and can, indeed, be very rich and advanced), its peoples' contentment with few material goods tends to result in smaller yet more sustainable economies than more consumerist regions have.

There are many advantages to having regions go green. Green societies are supportive of GEO's mission and will be pleased with otherwise controversial environmental actions, such as a switch to organic farming and bans on potentially dangerous sources of energy. Environmentally-conscious people are also quicker and more willing to adopt beneficial changes in behavior, such as taking up vegetarian diets. Finally, a globally-aware population won't needlessly complain about the economy or stage austerity protests, instead focusing any complaints they have on global issues like emission levels (though sometimes, they may needlessly complain about "globalization" if emission levels and Outlook is too high).

Consumerist OutlooksEdit



  • High GDP per Capita
  • Low Unemployment
  • High HDI status
  • Growing Regional GDP

Consumerist regions have materialistic and self-interested populaces that are largely motivated by money and needless luxury at any price (as long as they're not the ones paying). The main benefit from a region being consumerist is that its people will spend money excessively, resulting in a bolstered economy. Consumerist cultures will also show support for many controversial actions, such as spreading fossil fuel use, reverting back to conventional farming, or deploying stratospheric aerosols.

However, these are the few perks consumerist societies have. Consumerist cultures are less likely to make beneficial changes to their behavior (such as using electric vehicles), will bitterly argue against taxes and protest about GDPs and HDIs (neither of which ever seem to be high enough), and will be much less supportive of GEO, especially if the organisation tries to take environmental actions in the region.