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  1. Added: Dr Apocalypse mission - unlock it by successfully completing Fuel Crisis. [#1923]
  2. Added: Steam Cloud support for achievements and saved games. [#2000]
  3. Fixed: Cards can now be added to hand after year 2180. [#2732]
  4. Fixed: Mission completion achievements will now trigger correctly. [#2769]
  5. Fixed: Regions will now choose the most plentiful fuel to switch to when experiencing severe resource shortages. [#2880]
  6. Fixed: Sea level rise effects no longer set the region's GDP below $1bn in a single turn. [#2779]
  7. Added: Registration screen now has a button to exit the game. [#2745]
  8. Added: Smoking and Delectation achievements. [#2814]
  9. Added: You can now see the efficiency benefit of Fast-Breeder Reactors (4th Gen Nuclear) by comparing 'Energy Resources' and 'Energy' numbers on the Energy Production telemetry panel. [#2714]
 10. Changed: Moonbase Alpha, Mission to Mars and SETI Space Array no longer require Space Factory, instead you need certain technologies to unlock them; this also means that you can get access to 2nd Gen Fussion fuel (He3) much earlier. [#2775]
 11. Changed: Program now uses the default system cursor; this should fix a small number of cases where the mouse cursor was not visible. [#2765]
 12. Changed: Species extinction events are now chance based (once they become critically endangered). [#2781]
 13. Added: A series of conservation cards have been added to help preserve endangered species. [#2781]
 14. Fixed: Energy sector shortage reports now correctly account for fuel efficiency. [#2727]
 15. Fixed: Game no longer crashes when key validation attempt is blocked by firewall. [#2786]
 16. Fixed: "Manage Water Scarcity" bonus is now correctly awarded in the Rise of Africa mission. [#2804]
 17. Fixed: Reports will now more accurately describe conversion to 4th gen nuclear. [#2749]
 18. Fixed: 'Reseting Renewables Pathway' placeholder card no longer appears. [#2729]
 19. Fixed: Resource production capacity will no longer decline before it peaks. [#2776]
 20. Fixed: Vsync was unintentionally off by default. [#2742]
 21. Changed: Initial Geothermal and Tidal potentials have been reduced in some regions; expansion rate for Solar and Fusion have been increased. [#2836]
 22. Changed: The outcome of space projects will be reported globally. [#2844]
 23. Fixed: 'Acquire 1st-Gen Nanotech' card no longer appears in regions that already have the technology. [#2752]
 24. Fixed: "Avoid megadeaths" bonus is now correctly awarded in the Fuel Crisis mission. [#2799]
 25. Fixed: Cards no longer redraw after pausing/unpausing a card in hand. [#2823]
 26. Fixed: 'Deploy 2nd Generation Fusion' now correctly stays in hand until canceled. [#2774]
 27. Fixed: Global Thermonuclear War can only trigger the turn a nuclear exchange happens now. [#2807]
 28. Fixed: Deforestation no longer occurs after wiping out the region's population with a gene plague. [#2807]
 29. Fixed: Region will no longer try to switch to a banned fuel source when experiencing shortages. [#2807]
 30. Fixed: Gene Plague Omega can now be triggered anytime after playing Pact with Thanatos, instead of just the turn after the latter was played. [#2807]
 31. Changed: 'GEO Despot Overthrown' loss is now chance based, and depends on how "evil" you are as perceived by the public. [#2807]
 32. Changed: Security cards will now decrease militancy slightly in addition to increasing stability [#2807]
 33. Changed: Popularity impacts of some cards have been rebalanced. [#2807]
 34. Added: You will now receive warnings when your insidious practices start being noticed. [#2807]
 35. Fixed: HDI collapse lose condition will now correctly trigger in the Three Degrees mission. [#2824]
 36. Fixed: Navigation arrows for news reports now appear correctly when manipulating filters. [#2816]
 37. Fixed: Some situations where 'Cards Played' end game graph would show more than 6 cards in a region per turn. [#2680]
 38. Fixed: Unpaused cards no longer incorrectly regain their 'paused' overlay when the hand updates (i. e. after adding another card or loading a game in such a state). [#2812]
 39. Changed: Available cards are now sorted by cost, then alphabetically. [#2606]
 40. Changed: Carbon Regulation cards will now continue to be available after the region meets its emissions target. [#2806]
 41. Changed: 'Coal-free industry' card now costs $30 instead of $50. [#2861]
 42. Fixed: An overlay is no longer drawn outside the card history panel in the last several turns. [#2782]
 43. Fixed: Card history panel no longer leaves an image behind when closed. [#2797]
 44. Fixed: Susceptibility to floods in Japan and Southern Africa is now more in line with other regions (was inadvertently set too low). [#2750]
 45. Fixed: The green light ("hand full") on the Minimap and card count on the End Turn button now correctly update when cancelling cards. [#2387]
 46. Fixed: Tooltips for globe icons no longer appear when other panels are open on top. [#2585]
 47. Fixed: Tutorial will no longer direct you to the HDI panel in the global telemetry (where it does not exist). [#2825]
 48. Removed: Mission end events are no longer listed among news reports. [#2856]
 49. Fixed: Tutorial no longer refers to the "?" button in global telemetry. [#2712]

Known IssuesEdit

 1. Game crashes with a "Failed to DrawPrimitive" message. This most probably means that you do not have enough Video Memory to run the game (you need at least 512MB). If you get this message in other circumstances, please send us your DxDiag.txt file. [#2726]
  2. Game occasionally crashes when alt-tabbing from fullscreen. [#2517]
  3. Game occasionally crashes when taking a screenshot. [#1901]
  4. Steam version of the game fails to start on some machines. Most people got the game to work by uninstalling or reconfiguring their third-party anti-virus software and/or anti-malware software, like Zone Alarm and Ad Aware. [#2738]
  5. A few BSoD instances have been reported, though we are still investigating what the cause could be. Updating your graphics and audio drivers is always recommended in such situations. [#2725]
  6. A rare crash when canceling a card has been reported. [#2766]
  7. Game has been reported to quit to desktop after the 'Please Wait' message on Windows XP. [#2716]
  8. Game UI can be extremely slow if you have ASUS gamingOSD or ASUS smartdoctor installed. [#2757]
  9. Graph labels are sometimes obscured by the graphs themselves. [#2796]
 10. It is possible for resources to be consumed by Energy and Transport before they can be directly used by Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. This results in a largely satisfied energy and transport need but a large sectoral shortfall; the resultant hit to GDP in Agriculture, Industry and Commerce sectors is often comparable to the amount they'd suffer if energy and transport were short on their resources but nonetheless this causes an undeniable inaccuracy in resource use that requires a fix. [#2778]
 11. Sometimes sound will fail to initialise; restarting generally fixes this but the sound will never recover without a restart. [#2169]
 12. The 'Doctor is in the House' achievement is not awarded for the 6 degree win. [#2846]
 13. The game appears to be not responding when loading later saves and sometimes after clicking End Turn - this is only temporary though. [#2770]
 14. The game will crash when launching from steam if you have a Air Display's virtual graphics adapter running. As a work around you can disable this adapter. [#2780]
 15. UI becomes sluggish after several hours of play [#2695]
 16. After Gene Plague Omega occurs, statistics represent the state of affairs before the plague. [#2873]
 17. Avoid megadeaths bonus is awarded a turn too early. [#2866]
 18. Framerate drops noticeably when card history is open in the region screen. [#2342]
 19. Game manual is out of date. [#2718]
 20. Global announcement of temperature change happens a turn late. [#2421]
 21. Graphs with both positive and negative values occasionally have alignment issues. [#2709]
 22. Music has been reported to, on occasion, stop after several hours of play; restarting the game resolves this. [#2694]
 23. Population graph does not mention that the value is in millions. [#2867]
 24. Some resources may show numbers slightly below zero as the amount remaining. [#2621]
 25. Some stages of Antarctic devastation may not be displayed correctly in the Earth Change view. [#2506]
 26. Some statistics will not make a lot of sense with extremely low population (below 1 million). [#2669]
 27. Stacked graphs with negative components do not represent the totals properly. [#2468]
 28. Height of stacked graph columns sometimes do not add up to the total for the stat. [#2591]
 29. Instrument predictor pointers animate from 0 rather than from previous turn's temperature/emissions values when loading from a save game, while the '2100' predictor stays at the bottom after loading a game after 2100. [#2673]
 30. Sudden changes from 0 sometimes result in incorrect graphs. [#2724]
 31. The globe becomes stretched horizontally after the game has been left idle for a long period of time. [#1836]
 32. The panel last visited in regional Telemetry is preserved when starting a new mission. [#2360]
 33. Transport Emissions graph in regional Transport panel does not show predictions. [#2660]
 34. You can sometimes be awarded an achievement for completing a mission after losing it on the last turn (e. g. Fuel Crisis in 2120). [#2851]
 35. Maldives scene in the introduction movie sometimes starts with the camera at the wrong position. [#2723]
 36. Intro can become out of sync with the music on some systems. [#2723]
 37. News button tooltip refers to obsolete report category names. [#2821]
 38. Annual Emissions Summary tooltips and Temperature/Emission screen predictors react too strongly to changes in the previous turn. [#2721]