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As the people of a Region become more irritated and desires greater changes they will turn their anger towards the GEO. Depending on how severe discontent is within a Region, the actual effects vary from minor to crippling.


If the Contentment of a Region is Negative, if HDI is too low, or if disasterious events or tipping points have recently occured unstopped by the GEO then Protests will start.

The Region's Outlook determines what will make the population of a Region content:

  • Consumerist societies want more - more GDP, more HDI, more Healthcare, etc - and they wil stage Austerity Protests/Riots when they feel they aren't getting enough (which is always).
  • Greener societies desire less emissions, both Globally and within their own Region, as well as a healthier life, free from pollutants. If they feel sufficent efforts haven't been made, then they will start Globalization Protests.

Enviromentalist Regions are much easier to satisfy since they don't have the same unrealistic expectations as a Consumerist one would have, and most GEO efforts work to lower emissions anyway. Only Austerity Protests have the chance to devolve into Riots.



Protesting citizens will persistantly lower Support and may target GEO agents.

  • As rioting spreads, the Region can easily degenerate into a War, causing a much more severe problem.
  • Rioting damages both productivity and lower the HDI of the Region the longer they persist.
  • GEO agents will begin to "go missing" within a Region, and are expensive to replace ($50/each)
  • Austerity protests/riots cause Instability, while Globalization protests cause social unrest.