Fate of the World Wiki

A region's support reflects how much the region's population approves of GEO and its action. Support is measured by ten green stars, which light up and darken as the region's support changes.

Regions with low support are likely to take actions against GEO, including public protests, investigations into GEO offices, and even mysteriously unexplained "disappearances" of GEO agents. If support falls too low for too long, a region will outright ban GEO, kicking out all GEO agents and refusing to send funds to the organisation, possibly for decades.

Changes in support depend on GEO's actions. In general, taking actions which help the region garners support while actions which harm it lowers support. However, some actions are subjective and can alter support either way, depending on various factors. For example, most regions will be displeased at having to 'Switch to Organic Farming.' However, regions with highly green outlooks will be very supportive of the action. Likewise, funding regional law enforcers usually garners support, unless the region is already oppressively stable.

Support can also go down by inaction; untreated problems in a region will start to reduce support for GEO until they eventually ban the organisation entirely, whether or not any agents are in the region.