There are several steps to completing a game turn, and a couple of things you should know.


Game turns are akin to the moves on a chess board, each turn give you ample time to play your cards and deploy your strategy before advancing the game. This game is all about the future, and as the future unravels (all the way to the year 2200) you're helping to shape each step of it.

Keep in mind that each game turn is equivalent to five years, and once you complete your turn you'll have to live with the impact the choices you have made will have on the world.

Typical turn orderEdit

When a turn ends you will be presented with a short cut-scene of top world events. These events should give you a sense of how your policies have affected the world writ-large, and where you should focus future changes. Within a given turn you have the capacity to make key decisions that shape the direction of the world:

  • Deploy agents to world regions
  • Play cards